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Solution persistence

This only applies if you're running within docker.

The Docker file system is ephemeral, so if you stop them any data that's not persistent is permanently lost.

If you are changing or adding instances to a solution without a persistent storage, when you restart the docker container all your changes will be lost.

CVEDIA-RT 2023.3 and newer

Persistent changes on instances are automatically saved under your local instances/ folder and are mounted at /opt/cvedia-rt/instances/. These changes only pertain to the instance configuration, such as input and output.

If you're changing solutions themselves, meaning .lua files and others, you will need to extract these from the docker image as well.

CVEDIA-RT 2023.2 and older

To create persistent changes you have to extract the projects, next time you call ./ it will automatically mount the projects/ folder within your docker instance, then all changes you make are persistent.

Extracting solutions

Call ./

This will create a folder called solutions/ that contain all default solutions for your current deployment.

Restoring default solutions

You can simply call ./ again to overwrite your current solutions folder