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Release notes - CVEDIA-RT - 2023.5.0


This release is not yet available to the public. If you require access to these updates, please contact us. We will provide download links and a complimentary activation license key.

NX-Witness Integration

We implemented a plugin to integrate the SecuRT solution in NX-Witness.

You can find a detailed explanation of how it works in our NX-Witness documentation.

SecuRT V5.0

  • Improved and finalized events data and related export schemas.
  • We now generate the best thumbnail for an event based on the previous frames.
  • Implemented a C API for SecuRT
  • Implemented a Python API for SecuRT
  • Implemented a .NET API for SecuRT
  • Fixed a memory leak in Lua
  • Fixed missing events due to unrecognized movement caused by perspective
  • Fixed area with 'exit only' event did not contain bbox data
  • Fixed face detection not working

AI Models

  • Improved the PVA thermal model
  • Improved performance of Hailo models
  • Added support for Re-Id model on RKNN


New Features and Improvements

  • Implemented an auto-restart of an instance in case of runtime errors
  • Added support for exporting directly to HLS by setting hls:// as URI in the Output handler.
  • Refactored RTSP plugin to support multiple topics to stream on the same port
  • Implemented a system to run RT on airgapped devices.
  • Added support for versioning solutions
  • Added support for a secure MQTT connection
  • Added authentication for MQTT connection
  • Added support for Blaize's PCIe cards
  • Bumped RKNN driver to 1.5.2
  • Deprecated support for trt7


We finalized the V1 of our JSON schema:

  • Added JSON schema for tracks events containing all the active tracks in the frame
  • Added JSON schema for intrusion-end events
  • Added JSON schema for loitering-end events
  • Added JSON schema for event-best-crop events
  • Split area schema in 3 different schemas for enter, exit, and moving area events
  • Added bbox information to area_exit, intrusion_end, and loitering_end events
  • Updated exporters to support the new JSON schema

License system

  • Added a license system based on activation keys
  • Implemented a configurable limit of active streams per license

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed tripwire's bandwidth rendering error in the Output panel
  • Fixed occasional segfaults