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Exporting SecuRT data

How to Export object statistics through MQTT

This guide walks you through the process of setting up a SecuRT instance to export object statistics through MQTT, using Persons/Crowding Detection as an example

  1. Create a copy of the instance by saving it in the user instances: Save as Save instance

  2. Access the Setup windows of the new instance. Cog icon

  3. Go to the Export tab and click on the Add Custom Export Options button. Add export option

  4. Configure the output to use the right data type and format Select data Select format Apply settings

  5. Click "Ok" and save the changes.

  6. Download and run the following Python script



    The script requires Python 3.7+ and paho-mqtt which can be installed by running pip install paho-mqtt

  7. Start the My Instances/Crowding Detection instance. You should be seeing the number of objects in the console. Each line represents a frame in the input source.