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Creating your module

You can create your module for CVEDIA-RT.

To do it, you should request access to our SDK, which includes all required headers to link against RTCORE and a sample module.

Custom modules can implement a custom inference engine, hardware level inference, model pre and postprocessing among other functionalities.

All modules implement a reference interface provided by RTCORE headers.


  • CMAKE 3.22+
  • GCC 5+ on ARM, GCC 8.5+ on x86
  • MSVC 19.29.30141.0 and Windows SDK version 10.0.19041.0 for Windows


  • Open the project
  • Run ./
  • Check out/ for your built module

The SDK includes a copy of CVEDIA-RT binaries and additional libraries we link against.

To load your custom module:

  • On linux: Place your .so at /opt/cvedia-rt/Plugins/ folder within the docker, additional dependencies you may have can be placed at /opt/lib
  • On windows: Place your .dll at files\Plugins folder.

To confirm your module is loaded, check CVEDIA-RT startup logs, as it transverses the module folder, and try to load modules one by one.

CMAKE presets

We provide the following default presets:

  • linux64-Release
  • linux64-RelWithDbgInfo
  • linux64-Debug
  • windows64-Release
  • windows64-RelWithDbgInfo
  • windows64-Debug