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Release notes - CVEDIA-RT - 2023.5.5


This release is not yet available to the public. If you require access to these updates, please contact us. We will provide download links and a complimentary activation license key.

SecuRT 9.0

  • Added 3D Bounding Box as optional data to the track-v1 and tracks-v1 export schemas.
  • Added option to disable the removal of stopped tracks, which might help in instances with problematic videos containing duplicated frames that cause problems for our movement logic.
  • Changed the loitering event to report the start time at the moment when a person enters the area instead of the moment the event is triggered after the loitering time.
  • Fixed an issue that when setting up an advanced zone in RT, with the enter, exit, and loitering events enabled at the same time, the exit event wasn't triggered.


  • Fixed the loitering timestamp to be in milliseconds instead of seconds.

NX Plugin 1.3

  • Fixed the registration of start/end events.