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Release notes - CVEDIA-RT - 2023.5.2


This release is not yet available to the public. If you require access to these updates, please contact us. We will provide download links and a complimentary activation license key.

NX-Witness Plugin 1.2

  • Added support for the performance mode based on the secondary stream

SecuRT V7.0

  • Updated the Vehicle Model Classifier to the latest version
  • Produce a new event-new-attribute schema-based event when a vehicle is classified such as Car, Van, Bus, etc...
  • The sink with the tracks is not extended to contain associated attributes extracted from the tracked object
  • Added support to export the name of the video clip being used at inference time inside the instance_id of the schema-based events
  • Updated the Movement settings in the Solution setting to be a simpler selection between Low, Medium, and High sensitivity.
  • Fixed an issue with Loitering that was triggering on false positive targets

AI Models

  • Improved the Vehicle Model Classifier


  • Added a new schema-based event event-new-attribute that is produced whenever a new attribute is extracted from a target object
  • Fixed an issue with tripwires that was causing a slowdown of the system over time
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the schema-based event sent through MQTT to be a stringified version of a JSON object
  • Improved stability on UI occasional crashes