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Release Notes - CVEDIA-RT 2022.6.0

CVEDIA-RT Solutions

  • Added package detection solution

  • Added face blurring instance under the privacy solution

  • Improved performance across all solutions

  • Improved thermal_pva_detection instance to detect the bicycle correctly


Supported Platforms

  • Improved support and instructions for Ambarella devices (S3LM/S5L/CV22/CV25).

  • Improved support and instructions for Hailo based systems.

  • Improved support and instructions for ARM based systems.

  • Improved support and instructions for Cloud based systems ( AWS-EC2, AWS-EKS, MS Azure, Google Cloud (Anthos Run VM)).


  • Implement Output Handler system with json,mp4,rtsp output capabilities for Instances. (View Page)

  • Implement Event Action system which allows defining different outputs when an Event triggers.

  • Added REST API with Instance and Zone management endpoints to CVEDIA-RT.

  • Implemented CVFlow capabilities.

  • Added support for dynamic batching on TensorRT.


  • Implement base64 encode/decode for buffer objects.

  • Updates on Screen Capture module for Windows and Linux.

  • Updated Documentation for new features.

  • Model improvement on ModelForge.

  • Fixes/improvements on MQTT module.

  • Improved profiler system.

  • Refactor on 3D Bounding Boxes Kalman Filter

  • Overall system improvements on CPU utilization.

  • Overall system improvements on system robustness and crash prevention.

  • Fix memory leaks.

  • Improved batching on inference.

  • CI/CD pipeline improvements.

  • Faster playback for demo videos.

  • Fix face-anonymization solution bug for Linux platforms.

  • UI layout improvements