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Creating an Instance

You can create new instances in the User Instances section of the Instances panel. Click on the ➕ button next to the group you want to create the instance for. From the pop-up window, enter the name of your instance which should be unique within the group and select the solution of the instance. You can select the Autostart option if you want this instance to be automatically started upon starting the CVEDIA-RT. Then click the Create button to proceed with the Setup Window.

Add Instance

Editing an Instance

You can edit the settings of any instance by clicking the cog ⚙️ icon next to it on the Instances panel. This would prompt you to the Setup Window.

The changes in the input source would be visible on the other tabs, however, you might need to restart the instance for the changes in the settings to be applied if the instance is running.


When in edit mode, there is no Next button in the Setup Window as it happens while adding an instance, and there is also no constraint on the navigation. You can simply click any tab, adjust the settings and click Save.

Add Instance

Instance Context Menu

Instance Context Menu

If you right-click on an instance in the Instances panel, you will open a context menu from which you can access additional functionality.

From the context menu, you can set the instance to start automatically when CVEDIA-RT is started, mark it as read-only, and also access the functionalities to save as, duplicate, rename, delete and inspect.

The inspect functionality will show you the contents of the instance configuration in JSON format.


The JSON configuration is meant for expert users, as it could break the instance.