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Google Cloud Run

You can run CVEDIA-RT headless using GCP's Cloud Run

The deployments described here will run without UI, to interact with it you will need to use our REST API.

Artifact Setup

Before you can run anything, you need to copy CVEDIA-RT docker image to a Artifact Registry You can find what is the latest CVEDIA-RT docker image at our release page or directly at docker hub

Setup process

  1. Copy our docker image to your Artifact Registry
  2. Create a new Cloud Run Service with the following settings:
    • CPU is always allocated
    • Autoscaling - minimum: 1, maximum: 1
    • Container, Variables & Secrets ... top tab:
      • Container tab:
        • Container port: 80
        • Memory: 1GiB (minimum)
        • CPU: 2 (minimum)
        • Execution environment: Second Generation
      • Variables & Secrets tab, + Add variable:
        • name: RUN_UI value: 0


Once a CVEDIA-RT instace is created it will idle waiting for a solution / instance to be started. You can configure that using REST API calls.


  • When a new CVEDIA-RT solution starts it will download models, this may take a few seconds
  • As of now Google Cloud Run instances DOES NOT use GPU acceleration