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Network and ports

CVEDIA-RT will have to download models from the internet the first time you use them. After that they will be stored in a local cache.

Besides that CVEDIA-RT can provide optional services that may require some specific ports to be open:

Port list

Port Type Description Configuration
1883 TCP MQTT daemon When running within docker with MQTT support, we spawn our own instance; Can be overrided using options on
3333 UDP broadcast ONVIF discovery Not configurable
3702 UDP broadcast ONVIF discovery Not configurable
7001 TCP NX Witness / Digital Watchdog / WAVE / Piko / Meta VMS Not configurable
8080 TCP HTTP REST API On file global.config or (on docker)
8889 TCP Remote UI On file global.config or (on docker)
8554 TCP/UDP RTSP Used when broadcasing RTSP from CVEDIA-RT, depends on solution / instance export configuration
9993 TCP/UDP ZeroTier When support mode is enabled on CVEDIA-RT boxes / images
12349 UDP broadcast CVEDIA-RT discovery global.config
59997 UDP broadcast CVEDIA-BOX debug channel env, .env setup

Domain whitelist

| Domain | Ports | Description | |---|---| | | 80, 443 | Model downloads | | | 443 | License server |