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Airgap systems

CVEDIA-RT can run completely offline, as long you create a cache of models, keys and activation licenses prior.

We developed a process that allows you to download a cache bundle from a different online machine and install it at the airgapped location.

This process is only available for select clients, you can request access by emailing us at [email protected].


This process will refer to two machines, an online and an offline airgapped machine. You will need to copy files back and forward once.

Step 1: Install CVEDIA-RT into the offline machine

On windows you simply copy and extract the .zip of the release.

On linux you need to download the redist package and load the docker image, the image you will be using depends on the device and if you will run a VMS system or not, please contact [email protected] to know which one to use.

Step 2: Fingerprint the offline device

At this step we assume you already copied / installed CVEDIA-RT in the offline machine, we will be calling systeminfo to generate a systeminfo.json file, after that you will have to copy back to your online device.

On windows

  • Click generate_system_info.bat
  • Copy systeminfo.json to the online machine

On linux

  • Call: ./ -UEM systeminfo -- -- -o persist/systeminfo.json
  • Copy persist/systeminfo.json back to the online machine

Step 3: Submit fingerprint and download cache bundle

At this step we will submit the fingerprint from the offline machine to CVEDIA's infrastructure, this should be done using the online machine.

Easy mode

  • Using the online machine, open
  • Use your api_key provided by CVEDIA
  • Upload the systeminfo.json from the offline machine

Once the process is completed, a download link will show up.

Automated mode


Call python3 -k api_key -i systeminfo.json


  • api_key is your CVEDIA offline api key provided by us
  • systeminfo.json is the fingerprint .json from step 2

This will create a task in our infrastructure and download a cache bundle, the whole process may take a few minutes, once it's done you will have an or output.tar.gz, depending on the offline device operating system; .zip for windows and .gz for linux based.

Step 4: Install cache in the airgap device

At this step we will copy the offline bundle from the online to the offline machine.

On Windows

Copy and extract at the same folder you have CVEDIA-RT and merge the folders.

On Linux

Copy and extract output.tar.gz at the same folder you have CVEDIA-RT redist package.