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Solutions / Instance Groups

Solutions (formely known as projects) are groups of instances that share a common logic base.


Setting project folder on startup

The projects folder can be set by defining the -p argument when launching the executable.

Folder structure


Each project can have its own assets folder, with a lua,models and videos folders inside, when setting a relative file path for a model or a video source inside an instance configuration, the application will look for files inside its own assets folder, and if they dont exist, it searches inside the project assets folder.

Base config (base_config.json)

Each project folder must have a base_config.json file, this file will be loaded for all the instances and has all the common configurations between them. When an instance is loaded, this file and the instance configuration json file will be merged and loaded on memory. When saving, a diff is made between the base_config file and the instance file and only the difference is saved on the instance json config file.

Main Lua script (assets/lua/index.lua)

Each instance must specify a starting Lua script, if the property is not manualy specified on the instance json file like this:

 "Global": {
  "config": {},
  "lua_script": "assets/lua/instance_2.lua"
Then the application will load a default Lua script for the project that must be located on assets/lua/index.lua