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Zones Module

The Zones module allows configuring different zones in the Solution, that can be used in the instances for multiple purposes.

When a new Zone configuration is defined for the solution, its configuration window will be available at the Input configuration window and at the Analytics tab of the Setup Window.


Zones Configuration

A zone defines an area where data will be stored on the number of objects that currently are present inside the defined zone points. The developer can also check manually if a point is inside a zone by using the lua function zoneModule:isPointInZone(pt)

To add a new zone to the instance add the zone points to the corresponding zone tab on the configuration window by clicking on the desired point locations while holding the Ctrl key, after setting all the desired points, the new zone will be saved by clicking outside the zone without the Ctrl key pressed.


Zone Visualization

Zones can be viewed on the Ouput window. When an object of type zone is written to a sink, the Areas tab will be enabled, allowing the user to customize the zones appearance.


Visualization Options:

  • Enable : Enables / Disables viewing the zones on the Output image
  • Transparency : Zone transparency on the Output
  • Label : Zone label to display. Allows viewing current entries inside the zone, when zoneModule:CheckZones is called on the Lua code. Options: None,Name,Name(Entries),Entries
  • Enable Occupied Color : When this setting is enabled, all Occupied Zones will be of the defined color
  • Zone color(occupied) : Color to show, if the Enable Occupied Color option is enabled
  • Font color : Color for the label font
  • Font scale : Scale for the label font